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Below we try to answer some of the common questions.

Vector graphics consist of geometric lines, shapes, points and curves. This means there are no dots or pixels in it, so there are no problems enlarging the image. Vector graphics retain their quality regardless of size. The most common vector file formats are EPS, SVG, PDF, DXF and AI.

A vector file is a digital line drawing. That means you can enlarge the image infinitely without losing quality!

This is ideal if, for example, you want to have a logo printed on a large banner or billboard. But a vector file is also needed for printing clothes or to letter a car because the machines the printer or letterer uses can cut them. You cannot enlarge a pixel file such as jpg, gif, png, bmp etc. indefinitely because the image will no longer be in focus.

Vector graphics are important for any professional working with images, sketches or drawings. The most common professionals who use vector graphics are graphic designers, printers and architects. Architects and laser engravers need CAD software to process their technical drawings. The easiest and fastest way to get CAD file formats is by simply converting vectorized files.

In short, all professionals dealing with printed images need images of the best quality they can get. These include screen printers, digital printers or billboard makers. When they print raster images, the result is blurred, distorted images that do not look attractive. Vector graphics are clean and produce high-quality results.

We can convert jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, pdf, eps, ai, svg, tiff, doc and docx files to vector.

No problem. Send us a message to hallo@vectorgalaxy.be and we will be happy to help you! (with an interesting deal, of course)

Did you lose the digital files for your corporate graphics? Our online vector service can help you recover your logo or business illustration from photos! Simply take a photo of your mug, t-shirt, business card or other printed media and we will redraw your image in a high-resolution vector format, ready for printing or internet use.

Or perhaps you want to enlarge a beautiful photo of your loved one or pet in your living room? Our online vector service helps you do just that. We can convert a photo to vector so the portrait can be enlarged to any size. We can turn your portrait into a black and white illustration suitable for engraving or into a color image that is great for a web avatar or framed photo.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can convert every photo we get from our customers to vector. It depends on the photo how specifically we can recreate the photo. The usual problem we encounter is that a photo has been taken very poorly or from an odd angle. We need straight photos taken in good light so we can see all the details of the photo. Also, the picture should not be too small or blurry, because the designer needs to see all the details to be able to redraw the image without problems. Finally, you should be aware that we are not able to vectorize realistic objects with complete fidelity. There will also be some reduction in detail.

Many people have great ideas and would like to create their own logo, instead of having an advertising agency do it for them, but they lack the tools or skills to do it properly themselves. Our vector service can help you convert your hand-drawn logo to digital format.

Converting your hand-drawn logo to vector is a great way to transform your imperfect logo or illustration on paper into a stunning digital form. The beauty of converting a sketch to a vector file is that it can be enlarged or reduced to any size without losing the original appeal of the hand-drawn image! The ability to resize the image makes it more usable.

EPS is an abbreviation for Encapsulated PostScript. It was created by Adobe in 1992. It is a document composed of planes and/or lines. These surfaces can be enlarged and reduced without changing. These types of files are also called vector files.

A JPG file creates squares (pixels) when enlarged. The logo becomes blurry. And it is so not usable to put on a banner or other large advertising medium.

We convert the logo using Adobe Illustrator (AI file). Using the pen tool, the logo is precisely traced and the appropriate fonts are added and these are converted to outlines (vector planes).

The logo can be exported to an EPS, PDF and SVG file. These file types all support vector. EPS and PDF files are usually used for printing. The SVG file is used for websites. Again, the logo is nice and tight on all browsers and screens, so no pixelation.

Grid is the type of image consisting of many small squares or dots commonly called pixels. Pixels are the smallest units of digital images that can be displayed on a screen, such as LCD screens, TVs and cell phones. Most people are used to dealing with raster images because these are the images produced when you scan an image to your computer or take a picture with your digital camera. Some file formats that include raster images are the ones you’ve probably seen before such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and so on.

Converting an image to vector is basically the process of converting pixel-based images that fade, pixelate and lose quality after enlargement into vector images, which are based on mathematical objects and can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

There are two choices for doing this. You can either use an automated conversion software that will give you mediocre results, or you can manually redraw the image into vector with vector graphics software. However, this software is not easy to use and requires a professional who knows what to do and how to use the software.

The most common reason is that it is a bitmap logo whose size has been changed one, two or more times. Although bitmap logos can be sharp the qualiteti decreases significantly when enlarged. For a sharp logo that avoids pixelation and blurring problems, convert the logo to vector.

By default, we format vector EPS, AI and PDF files in CMYK colors. The JPG and PNG files in the RGB color palette.

Yes, you can. We can assign the PMS colors ourselves or do it based on the PMS colors you provided. We do not charge extra for formatting in PMS colors.

Please send your image to us using the contact form below. Then we’ll see if your logo can be converted to vector. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

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